Maestra Vivian Conejero

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From orchestra managers:

"My orchestra worked very well with you and with pleasure--and the level of the concerts was very good."

Pavel Ionescu, Manager

Bacau State Philharmonic, Romania


"Her Tschaikovsky and Wagner were  amazing!  I have never heard such a powerful Tannhauser overture so far!!!”

Evlogi Iliev, Manager

Pleven State Philharmonic Orchestra Pleven, Bulgaria



Slawomir Chrzanowski, Manager and Music Director

Zabrze Philharmonic, Poland



From soloists:


"I really enjoyed working with you too. I've never played with such an understanding and sensitive conductor as you are! You are a very good, kind and strong person, that's why music sounds very sincerely in your performance. And audience felt this. My parents, teachers and friends said me many thanks, warm impressions and good wishes to tell you. Thay all want to see you next year. Speaking the truth I spent with tears in my eyes several days after our concert. It usually happens to me when I meet very-very good and talented people. Thank you very much, Vivian!"

Liza Lutsenko, Concert Violinist

Donetsk, Ukraine


"Such a talented  fine conductor as you has to give a lot of concerts and such a wonderful powerful woman deserves to be happy. Just keep going forward! You will get  it all! I will be always there for you! Thank you one more time for unforgettable memories  and very positive experience of working with you (professionally and  personally) in Rumania. What will be next?"

Maria Lettberg, Concert Pianist

Berlin, Germany



From the Press:


"...elicited spirited playing from the Spokane orchestra."



"The [orchestral] accompaniment was quite sensitive and contributed significantly to the mood.” THE NUGGET North Bay, Ontario, CANADA


From composers:


"I enjoyed watching your excellent conducting on YouTube.  I enjoyed seeing how you created the expressions of the music in a relaxed yet authoritative  manner."

Vivian Adelberg Rudow, ASCAP award winner for 26 years

Baltimore, MD



From colleagues:


"just a little note to give you my best congratulations, as I have just been watching some videos of yours on YouTube and I was really charmed! SO musical, SO nice! And with such sober and effective gestures, just the way of conducting I love most. Wonderful!"

Sandro Naglia

Singer and conductor


"I was able to watch your Tchaikovsky.You chose very good tempo for the Finale with great energy throughout. And the orchestra responded well. You've got fantastic memory and you are brave to use it! Bravo!"

Rimma Sushanskaya

Conductor and Internationally-known violin virtuosa


"I found your Mahler in YouTube! Your Mahler is great and I can feel and see how you have the work sounding clearly in your ears! The tempis are exactly the right ones for me and you show them also very clearly. A great and strong accelerando at the end!! Congratulations for it!”

Maarit Kirvessalo

Music Director, Camerata Finlandia


"Love the websites and I LOVE your conducting videos. You are an inspiration."

Manuel Alberto Aybar

Music Director, Riverside Opera, CA


"Muy bien amiga, Vi Manfred, Mahler, y Otello; bien dirijes! Muy emocional, con ritmo muy seguro, y mostras la musica en tus manos. Tambien, has dirijido buen repertorio (Rep List). Felicitaciones!"

Peter Freisinger

Music Director, Freisinger Chamber Orchestra


"She is very musical and has a deep passion for the music of the standard repertory."

Dr. Victoria Bond, Conductor and  Composer


"Dr. Conejero possesses great talent and matured technical expertise as a conductor. Fueled by her passion and love of music, combined with a sure sense of musical interpretation, knowledge and direction, she inspires and challenges the orchestras under her command to bring forth their best effort, ability, and skill, ensuring a wonderful musical experience for both performer and listener. In addition, she runs very effective and organized rehearsals, in a professional manner.  In this respect, her work is exemplary."

Dr. Sandra I Noriega, Associate Conductor

San Francisco Community Women's Orchestra


"...her podium chemistry is irresistible; her energy and temperament clearly elicited the Spokane Symphony's most exciting results.  The audience went wild with enthusiasm in their applause." Stefan Kozinski

Former Associate Conductor Spokane Symphony Orchestra, U.S.A.


"...immer hat sie eine starke Dirigentenerudition bewiesen."

Radomil Eliska

Music Director

West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, Czech Republic


"I was very moved by her musicality.  She is a strong force on the podium, with a deep passion for music that really inspires the musicians who work with her."

Dr. Antonia J. Wilson

Music Director Jefferson Symphony, CO, U.S.A.



From conducting teachers and other former professors:


"I can recommend this remarkable young artist."

Georg Tintner, Conductor Laureate

Symphony Nova Scotia, CANADA


"As an interpreter, Vivian Conejero is sensitive to the overall shape and direction of the musical line and phrase as well as to balances, tempo markings and technically challenging sections....I was always impressed by her musical insights and her commanding podium presence."

Dr. Victoria Bond

Conductor and  Composer


"...a strong personality always shows vitality and sensitivity in her approach to the music.  I was impressed by her ability to express her profound emotions and feelings in her conducting." Tsung Yeh, Music Director

South Bend Symphony Orchestra, IN, U.S.A.


" uncommon talent. The fire and passion she exhibits (in controlled ways) on the podium is inspiring to behold.  The musicians of the orchestra respond to her quick wit and commanding presence.  Perhaps the greatest compliment I can payher is to say that she does not beat time, she conducts the music."

John C. Whitney, Music Director

University of Central Florida Orchestra, U.S.A.


"I was delighted with Ms. Conejero's commitment to music,  which is deep-rooted and passionate. She communicated her ideas to the orchestra and created quite wonderful moods in the music she performed."

Dr. Victor Feldbrill

Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra  (CANADA)


"She conveys in her conducting not only the technical aspects necessary for an orchestra to perform with precision and correctness, but also the music's emotional content and meaning.” Thomas Conlin, Music Director

West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, U.S.A.


"Her main strength is her intense musical drive.”

Nurhan Arman, Music Director

Northern Music Festival, Ontario, CANADA


"Her work is very impressive, and her effort doing it in Eastern Europe is outstanding."

Dr. Dinu Ghezzo Composer & Conductor

NYU Faculty